1000 words

picture taken on September 25, 2009, shows the front page of two Spanish newspapers displaying a White House photo of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, posing with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, his wife and two daughters with pixelized faces during a reception at the Metroplitan Museum of Art in New York. Zapatero tried to avoid the publication of these pictures in the media.

(Donimique Faget/AFP/Getty Images)

A picture worth 1000 words, indeed!! I am at least 98% sure that most of said words will be political twaddle about that protection of politicians’ children and the rights of countries to not allow publication of photos of their pets officials’ families. There will probably be something in there about why the US did not know said laws and, posted the photos on flickr anyway….blah, blah, blah. I must say, however, that if you don’t want photos of yourself getting out, maybe you should refrain from taking photos. (GASP!) Now, there’s a thought!! Holy Brain-use Batman!! No photo=no publication!! Yeah, I said. I do feel bad for the girls,
Laura, 16, and Alba, 13
, though..I mean geez; they take one picture in black, without getting a spray tan beforehand, and now they’re Goth freaks. Come on folks, let’s have heart. On a more positive note, Doesn’t Michelle look flyy, as usual, in her gold dress (Kudos to anyone who can tell me who made it)..And who needs to point out how handsome our President is. 😉 I guess I do. LOL

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I am a writer, who loves God, my family, and my friends. I try to treat eveyone the way I want to be treated, and write inspiration for anyone who'll read.
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