Diary of a Bitter Black Woman

So, my mother is on her way back from Hawaii and I type. I find myself wondering if there are any stories left for her to tell me, on account of, the many stories that she has already littered my existence with over the last week. She went down for my uncle’s retirement party, along with my Granny, and aunt Honey Bunny. I think that over the last week I have rolled my eyes at her more that I have in my previous 23 years as her daughter, and with each addition roll, I realized that my bitterness was not transporting me to the sunny beaches of the beautiful island, and it sure was not melting the snow here in the snow capped mountains of Kalamazoo. Truth be told, my bitterness, at not being able to pick up and go on a tropic vacation, only fostered more bitterness. What do you guys think?? Should I just have gotten over it??


and the Beast

About Kim

I am a writer, who loves God, my family, and my friends. I try to treat eveyone the way I want to be treated, and write inspiration for anyone who'll read.
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1 Response to Diary of a Bitter Black Woman

  1. KessivetimB says:

    Can you believe this story?

    I had to share this with everyone.


    A WOMAN’S breast implants have saved her life after she was caught in the line of fire and shot at point-blank range with a semi-automatic assault rifle.

    The Sun reports Lydia Carranza’s silicone implants took the force of the blow and prevented bullet fragments from reaching her vital organs.

    The dental receptionist was at work in Beverly Hills, Calif., when a gunman burst in and opened fire.

    He first shot dead his wife before turning the gun on Carranza, who was sitting a few feet away.

    Surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami said: “She’s just one lucky woman.

    “The bullet fragments were millimeters from her heart and her vital organs. Had she not had the implant, she might not be alive today.”

    Carranza’s implants took her from a B to a D-cup.

    Alleged gunman Jaime Paredes was charged with murder.

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