I’m sitting on the train with two of my favorite people on the planet and I’m thinking.  Now, as some of you may know, thinking is one of my worst pastimes, but alas, I am at it again.  The topic of thought is the beauty of all things electronic.  As I was reading my tech buzz news feed and catching up on the happenings in the twitterverse, it hit me.  Like Newton’s apple, the fruits of years of technological advance have bounced off my noggin and I have discovered the gravity of gadgetry.  I am writing this blog on my Mytouch 3G Slide, and realizing all over again how wonderful it is to be able to reach out to the world whenever I want.  The options are truly endless, by the way.  At this very moment I could snap a pic of the sleeping beauty across the isle from me and share it via e-mail, mms, Twidroyd, Peep, Facebook for Android, Twitter (the official app for Android, which I’m slightly disappointed with, but that’s a story for another day)…and the list could literally go on and on!!  She would probably kill me, seeing as she is my best friend and I think her mouth is open, but the ability is there…and that, my klever friends, is beautiful.


P.S. I have linked the apps that I’ve deemed appropriate above.  However if you are part of the android family, you can just skip right over to your friendly, neighborhood market and check them out.  Also, peep is the HTC twitter does what it is supposed to, I just think that Twidroyd does it best, even over the native twitter app (which is really a shame).

About Kim

I am a writer, who loves God, my family, and my friends. I try to treat eveyone the way I want to be treated, and write inspiration for anyone who'll read.
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