Holy Cutoff, Batman!! My Twitter is dead!!

Oh, HTC.  Come now, must we (the consumer) always be the ones who lose?  This is the reason that I use apps, now..it just seems more fool proof of a plan.  How could a manufacturer forget to update their nate app and allow people to be in the dark when their social access is cut?!?!  I must say that this is only helping to strengthen my resolve that we should just rely on the vanilla Android OS, and leave the (slow to update, hard to work around) manufacterer specific shells alone.  The original article (via Phandroid), with the unbiased facts is after the jump.

HTC Peep or FriendStream Not Working? It’s OAuth’s Fault http://phandroid.com/2010/09/01/htc-peep-or-friendstream-not-working-its-oauths-fault/

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